Learning to Stay Until Released!

28 Apr

I have recently realized that I don’t actually train duration of a stationary behavior. Instead I train Stay Until Released using the Premack Principle. Harnessing the power of Premack is a *great* way to make stay training fun! The first part of this article explains how and why I use operant conditioning to teach extended measure of time in a stationary position. I click/treat when the dog meets my current criterion with no intermittent treats. The click ends the behavior and tossing the treat puts the dog in position to offer to repeat the behavior – in other words, you have fast, fun training loops!     Read Part 1 of the full article here!

Rosanne Rosannadanna in Training Session #1

In Part 2 of this particle, I show video clips in which I demonstrate fast, fun, loopy stay training. By always having a specific critierion, my training is always clean and tight. By raising or lowering criteria based on what happens in each repetition, I can keep my dog successful in this endeavor. I introduce the release cue (“OK!”) in place of the click to make use of what the dog really wants (to get up), followed by a click for correct response to the release cue.

The creation of this little behavior chain teaches the dog Stay Until Released. Once you start teaching duration of a stationary behavior in this manner, you’ll find that your dog generalizes it to other situations. Surprise! Your dog will point out to you when you forgot to give the release cue. :)   Read Part 2 and watch the training sessions here!

As you can see, making your duration or stay training fast, fun, loopy; maintaining the principles of clean clicker training; and introducing a release cue as a Premack reinforcer is a very efficient way to gain a stay and fun too!


2 Responses to “Learning to Stay Until Released!”

  1. Carolyn Clark April 29, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    excellent article and GREAT website

  2. Helix Fairweather April 29, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    Thank you,Carolyn!

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